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Fuck 3 years ago
Say what you want, he still got to fuck her
Soundcloud 3 years ago
Lmao she looked bored
Stfu 3 years ago
All of y'all dumbasses need to stfu already DAMN. The dude was a VIRGIN meaning it was his FIRST TIME. Sure he doesnt have the size but he did what none of y'all fuckers couldn't and that was having the opportunity to get between dem legs of Mia Khalifa. So quit bitching about oh hes not fucking her right or hes too small. And go back to watching porn ya fuckin perverts (: so sit tf down ugly ass nigga (;
Nobody 3 years ago
This must have been the porn scene where she didn't want to do porn anymore.
Joe bloggs 3 years ago
He fucks like me
Goodboy 3 years ago
This is the loveliest fuck of her. Her smiles are real, with care and connection.
Tim 3 years ago
She has a beautiful smile! I would get with a woman like her if we vibed for sure! Definitely would have sex if she would be down.
3 years ago
He looks like he's having a seizure
Your dream guy 3 years ago
I heard a moan, maybe it was because of the leg slaps! Hahaha still he lived the dream
solo 3 years ago
he has my dick size fuckkk my life